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Lifting again

Have successfully started a workout routine with Vanessa, as she has pushed past the point of dedication and determination. A great thing to see and so be a part of as she allowed me to accompany her in her journey…. Continue Reading →

Lake Life

Its starting to be summer here, boating on Lake Murray gets busy and the peeps are out. Looks like some have worked hard on their beach bods, and some have maintained, which is better, continuing to stress the body at… Continue Reading →

TKA update

Thanks for stopping in again or for the first time, please feel free to leave a message and let us know you. My knee has seen better days, I’m guessing its been back til 1989. Now my problem was the… Continue Reading →

Months ago…

Actually 11 weeks ago I had my right knee replaced; 4 days in the hospital and it was off to the races, had great PT’s, Sarah and David, and yesterday(6/13) was first day doing heaviest weights. I don’t think I… Continue Reading →

Sing the hienz commercial ad with us…

An…..ti…ci….pa….tion.. We are awaiting our crew from carolina, Aaron and John,, and Stew, we will return with the most updated equipment on the planet Mike and Vanessa    

Good morning

We are preparing for IHRSA convention this morning, going to convention center and getting our tickets, maybe a lil preview of what is to come, lol I feel like I wanna wear a hidden camera or something, but I get… Continue Reading →

Squirrel Chasing

Thanks for joining Vanessa and I in our world of health and fitness. We strive for many things in life, this project is our giving back to ourselves, family, friends, community, and anyone who can hold on for our ride and squirrel… Continue Reading →

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