Thanks for joining Vanessa and I in our world of health and fitness. We strive for many things in life, this project is our giving back to ourselves, family, friends, community, and anyone who can hold on for our ride and squirrel chasing. This first blog, I’d like to stay in the headline of fitness but a lot goes into being fit; mind, body and sole ( because if your feet hurt …well you get my point). I will not judge, unless you are in front of me and I can have a conversation with you. This type of writing is easiest because there are no emotional hints from the tone of our voice to the subtlety of facial  expressions.

So, we have a couple of items that are on my agenda right now. International Health Racquet and Sportsclub Association 2016 trade show (, a complete and total gathering of everything fitness. We will be blogging, videoing, interviewing and staying very busy being informed of the latest trends and inventions. Secondly, my total knee replacement will commence in two weeks. I’m currently prerehabing ( new word), surgery and then the rehab process will be documented here.

Stay tuned, stay well

Mike and Vanessa