Have successfully started a workout routine with Vanessa, as she has pushed past the point of dedication and determination. A great thing to see and so be a part of as she allowed me to accompany her in her journey. Its a different feeling, standing by and watching or being a part of, I have the opportunity to do both.

Vanessa is still making great strides to her workout program, we have incorporated some heavy lifting into her program and I’m watching very closely and even back in the books to make sure we ┬ádo it right.

I have not taken weight loss for overall fitness, peeps do it all the time, only to regain and then some, this program we have incorporated into our lifestyles so as to make it easier for us to maintain in the long run.

We will be building on Vanessa’s success and throwing some different variations in order to keep it fresh and ┬áchallenging.