old knee

Actually 11 weeks ago I had my right knee replaced; 4 days in the hospital and it was off to the races, had great PT’s, Sarah and David, and yesterday(6/13) was first day doing heaviest weights. I don’t think I was perfectly ready but ready all the same. Here’s an edited timeline:

Monday, March 28…Last meal…11pm

Tuesday, March 29…Up and at em 4:30am, surgery about 10:30am, awaking 4:30-6pm, spinal block gone, told morphine would be taken way at 6am, PAIN, pain, pain,

Wednesday, March 30…Up and at em, out of bed walking with aides, bathroom trips, bending and extention begins, eating regulary, given walker and I did 75 feet to go home but they lied..haha

Thursday, March 31…PT 2x a day, OT 1x a day…pain,pain,pain, but I’m walking well and getting better everyday, 46% flexion

Friday, Apri l1…Can do simplest of tasks, but they are painful, i.e. getting out of bed and both feet on floor, it’s easier for me to get back in bed, 67% flexion and I feel like the PT’s are all sadist, haha

Saturday, April 2…Homeward bound and the new PT will be there shortly after I get home…certainly sadists…all of them..haha…70% flexion

Sunday, April 3…Everyday for two weeks I will have therapy, but today is different by leaps and bounds I feel…86% flexion and it was like somebody turned on a switch, my quads have joined us

Monday, April 4…First big setback, new PT and he expects me to wait for the pain..lol…he’s late and flexion for a first time has declined, back to 70%, going up stairs is ok, down hurts

Tuesday, April 5…From here out I’m making progression, Vanessa and I have made plans, some for a week some for a few weeks, we will juggle it all and it goes very well.  There’s a lot of ice           involved, 4-5 times a day, whittling off the pain meds is all dependent on the level of activity I’m doing and I’m trying to exercise 3-4 times a day.  We reach the goal of 90% a week and a couple of days after surgery. I don’t stop there as I want better flexion than when I went in, last check was 121%, I went in at 110%.

Everybody is different, and will heal and recover differently. The huge success we had is based on several factors we looked at before even going into surgery. Weight, fitness and attitude; all were worked on and tried to improve on as the surgery date came nearer. I have been over and at my heaviest weight I’ve ever been at a time I was least active. Through education and perseverance we made it work and I’m steadily losing weight, we will see how the next few weeks go as we are back in the gym.

new knee