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My knee has seen better days, I’m guessing its been back til 1989. Now my problem was the new knee, the LCL being stretched out early in rehabbing the joint. So for many months I went along, and knew the doctors did the best they could with what they had to work with. So not a tough decision for me when I had to decide to replace the LCL with a piece of my bicep femoris, not an easy surgery and not always successful. I went without my ACL for many years and when they replaced both of them, years later I found I had somehow blown out one they had already replaced.

So I’m a little slow and not as stable as I would like to be, but I stay busy and work the knee as it was my own. I wonder if its for my own good, if I had a good knee, how would I push it doing whatever activity I wanted, that’s my saving grace, I’m limited to what i can do and that’s not a bad thing for me.

I’ve had on the upward of 8 surgeries on the knees alone, I rehabbed before and after each one of them, so if there is a certifying agency based on that alone, I think i have alot of experience on this issue.

So, if your here for insight, stay tuned, its more background for someone educating themselves in TKA’s . I’m back on my feet and looking to get this ball rolling. Thanks